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Our Teams


Our Leadership

DanEdited cropped.jpg
Chief Executive Officer

Cathy Bond

Chief of Staff


Chris Frasz

Outreach Director/
Clinical Therapist

Jason Sweeney (2).jpg

Jason E. Sweeney

Compliance Director


Thomas Hartman

Operations Director



Jackie Wurst

Financial Director

Our recovery center staff at Bear River Health consists of caring professionals committed to excellence.

We work together to provide a safe and confidential environment while communicating with clients one-on-one and in group settings to help them achieve their recovery goals. Our staff utilizes a team approach to ensure that all clients receive a comprehensive, in-depth treatment experience. Each client works with a select group of professionals over the course of his or her recovery treatment to achieve the maximum results. Our staff takes pride in the success of our patients and the many ways our programs benefit their lives.

Medical Team
Medical Tablet

Our Medical Team

Bear River Health’s professional staff includes Board Certified Specialists and experienced midlevel providers in drug and alcohol treatment. We pride ourselves on our compassionate and empathetic staff, many of whom are currently living in recovery. Our staff members are ready and willing to talk with interested parties about our goals, methodology and treatment services for recovery from various substance use disorders and behavioral health issues. We strive to always be available to listen to and guide our clients and their families. That is why we have been instrumental in helping patients overcome drug and alcohol use. 

Dr. Jean Talsma, D.O. - Medical Director


Our Clinical Team

The staff at Bear River Health includes experienced drug and alcohol counselors. These staff members will use their extensive experience to help tailor and guide you down a path to recovery that suits your individual needs. In addition, there are trained, professional staff members who have seventy-five years of combined experience working in the field of recovery treatment. This knowledge and experience shape our team's thorough understanding of the challenges, accomplishments, and needs of patients undergoing drug and alcohol treatment.

Preston Greene, LMSW, CAADC

Group Session
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