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to help you find your

path to recovery. 

Continuum OF Care 

Our integrated continuum of care begins with the overarching treatment modality of holistic recovery.

Everyone’s road to recovery is different. We embrace a holistic approach to recovery by offering multiple pathways and programs. You may come to Bear River for one of our programs, or you may make a plan to work through multiple programs with Bear River as your guide. Check out our core program offerings below for more information. Within our residential and outreach programs, we offer different programs and pathways to help you succeed during your time with Bear River, but also programs and partnerships to maintain a sober lifestyle beyond our doors with continued access to quality care.

Doctor's Appointment

Withdrawal Management (detoxification) is designed to rid the body and mind of drugs. Because of the acute and potentially dangerous physiological effects that can manifest when stopping drug use, Bear River Health provides medical and professional supervision through this time that includes crisis intervention and treatment planning. During this phase of treatment Bear River Health offers: 

  • A non-judgmental environment with a caring and compassionate team of administrative, medical & clinical staff to provide support 24/7 that includes on-site nursing services;   

  • Medication administration, in needed, to aid withdrawal symptoms and cravings.


Bear River Health provides residential programs for both male and female clients on separate campuses. The client lives day to day at the residential campus and completes a program of structured curriculums, group and individual counseling. It is a time designed to help residents examine damaging behaviors and beliefs; adopt new coping strategies and develop constructive ways to interact with others. Clients can pick from various pathways offered to best fit their journey. Pathways offered include programs you know such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or Adult Adult Children of Alcoholics, as well as alternative programs such as Talking Circles, Life Ring, No Refuge, and Open Speaker. Talk to an admissions counselor about current pathways offered.

Young Man in Therapy
Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient, and Medically Assisted Treatment

If residential treatment doesn't fit your recovery needs, Bear River Outreach department offers outpatient counseling, intensive outpatient, and medically assisted treatment (MAT) programs to support you on your recovery journey.

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand
Bear River Health Primary Care

Bear River Health Primary Care is one of our partner nonprofit organizations. They specialize in providing ongoing care to people living in recovery, but are open to all patients - with or without insurance - as a community health center. While at our residential facilities, clients can seek healthcare directly from Primary Care. 

Primary Care

With discharge in mind from the beginning, Bear River Health provides a Resource Coordinator who assists the client in assessing the resources they need both while in treatment and when they finish. We will work with you to ensure sustainable recovery by helping to plan and make arrangements for transitional or sober living, help with housing, vocational counseling, finding support groups, etc.

My Recovery Life Alumni Network

Another partner nonprofit organization, the Bear River Health Foundation runs an alumni network to help support our alumni in their continued recovery journey.

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