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Insurance Verification & Financial Qualification

Learn more about the insurance we accept, payment options for uninsured clients, and other financial information.


Step 2 in your Journey: Insurance Verification

The second step in starting your journey to recovery is getting financially qualified for services.
We'll help you through this process. Let us be your guide.

During your initial conversation with our admissions team, we will ask confidential questions regarding your financial ability and help you explore your financial options. Part of this process will be to provide your insurance information so we can determine the contribution, if any, that your insurance company will make for treatment.

Commercial Insurances Accepted

We will assist you with navigating and understanding your commercial insurance coverage.

In-Network for Residential and Outpatient

Outpatient Only

Michigan Medicaid Coverage

We will assist you with insurance coverage.

When it comes to paying for a drug or alcohol treatment program, understanding your insurance policy can be confusing and stressful.

Our Intake Coordinators take the guesswork and confusion out of insurance and locating funding for your care.

We accept Michigan Medicaid from specific counties and regions. Click on the link below to view the map to find your region. 

No insurance? No problem. 

We have solutions

We have trained Navigators who can help you with your Medicaid application. Visit the MiBridges Website for more information.

If you do not qualify for Medicaid Health Insurance, you may self-pay for services or qualify for payment based on your income

If no other methods of payment work for you, speak to your admission counselor for information about additional options.

Occasionally, there may be a delay in the admission process, even in the face of need, when financial concerns (including pre-approvals if insurance companies are involved) or waiting for beds to become available. We will do everything possible to find placement for you in a program, even if it is not at BRH, to best serve your needs as quickly as possible.

Almost every insurance requires a co-payment or deductible. We require these costs to be planned at admission. Bear River Health has a Financial Responsibility Manager that will assist in gathering and securing the necessary funds. In some instances we can provide assistance in obtaining medical loans or short-term payment options. 

Bear River Health is NOT a free program offered by a non-profit company or supported by grants and donations. Bear River Health is a mid-priced substance use disorder recovery facility designed to provide excellent services to those who are committed to enrolling in treatment and those who are financially invested in their recovery.

Michigan Medicaid Regions 

We directly contract with the counties highlighted on the map. Click on the map for a full view. Find contact information and more details for each region/county below. For the counties/regions not colored, single service agreements may be available; please contact your regional entity to speak with them regarding your request to come to Bear River Health. 

Northern Michigan Region Entity

Region 2

Access to Care Number: 800.834.3393

Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health 

Region 4

Access to Care Number: 800.676.0423

Mid State Health Network

Region 5

Access to Care Number: 844.405.3095

Washtenaw & Monroe

From Region 6

CMH Partnership of Southeast Michigan

Access to Care Number: 734.243.7340

Region 1

NorthCare Network

We do not directly contract with this region, but single-payer service agreements are available upon request from the Region.

Access to Care Number: 

Network 180: Kent 

From Region 3: 

Lakeshore Regional Entity

Access to Care Number: 616.336.3909

All other counties

Please contact 

your Regional Entity

or speak with our admissions team about other payment options.


From Region 3

Lakeshore Regional Entity

Access to Care Number: 616.494.5449

Up next in starting your recovery journey,

Step 3: Preparing for your Journey

After your initial consultation and financial qualification, it's now time to prepare to start your recovery.

Next, learn about preparing for your stay in our residential programs.

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