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About Bear River Health
Michael Sullivan opened an outpatient counseling service in 2007 under the name Bear River Health and was focused on a holistic program addressing substance abuse disorders. In 2014, Walloon Lake Recovery Lodge became licensed to offer detoxification services, residential program, together with outpatient services and employed Michael Sullivan as the clinical director to set up the programs specifically using Wellbriety as the treatment modality which is a 12 step program favored by Native American federally recognized Indian tribes. Also in late 2014, Dr. Norman Stanley Miller, MD JD established the treatment protocols and procedures in accordance with TIP 45 from SAMSHA of which he was a contributing member and editor. In 2015, Walloon Lake Recovery Lodge merged with Bear River Health offered a trial run of six clients to the residential program in September 2015. In November and December many internal processes were reviewed and improved. On January 19, 2016, the Grand Opening occurred and both residential and klonopin pills online. In April 2016, JAHCO accredited the residential program and in July 2016, JAHCO accredited the detoxification program. Bear River Health operates on a four and ½ acre campus located in Melrose Township of Charlevoix Michigan with all zoning approvals to convert a six building hotel complex into the treatment facility.

About Founder  
Michael Sullivan, LPC, CAADC, ACS, CCMHC
Founder of Bear River Health (2007)
Michael Sullivan founded Bear River Health in 2007 with a strong commitment to providing high quality, Holistic Addiction, and Mental Health services to the Northern Michigan Community. Bear River Health expanded to its current location and opened its residential center in Walloon Michigan in 2015 then received Joint Commission accreditation in 2016. Michael brought creativity, positivity, and relentless honesty to the position of Clinical Director. Michael showed and received the respect of clients and staff. Found memories and wishes of wellness to his future endeavors is the sentiment of the Bear River Health Community.